Kollider has been approved by the Home Office as an endorsing body for the purpose of Startup and Innovator visas.

Endorsement by Kollider for a Startup or Innovator Visa enables the best and brightest tech talent to work in the UK’s cutting-edge tech and digital sector.

If you’re exceptionally talented or show exceptional promise in digital or tech and you’re keen to work in the UK, Kollider could be a great option for you.

The Startup and Innovator visa routes are operated as a closed (selective) application process. Read on to find out more about what type of businesses and startups we’re currently looking for and more information about the visa application process.

What our endorsees are saying about us

E-Intelligence Ltd

Jitesh Keswani (CEO) – The process of visa
endorsement was made very simple and easy
for me thanks to the Kollider team. It all
happened very smoothly and without any
hassle. I am very pleased with the whole
experience. The Kollider team made me feel
very welcome and provided extraordinary
support to make sure I get settled in this new
country. Not to mention the business support
and access to the ecosystem that helped my
business grow. Thank you so much to the

Zzingga Drinks Ltd

Fabian Linder (CEO) – The Kollider team was
very helpful and responsive from the start.
The gave us a clear overview of the
application process, the timelines, and what
they need from our side at each step.
Their referral to a trusted visa law specialist
also resolved a lot of headaches for us.
Finally, it is great to be part of the Kollider
Eagles Lab and we are very happy with the


Kevin Veizi and Rei Veizi (CEOs) – We are
are quite happy with Kollider as our endorsing
body. The process went smoothly and
everything was on time regarding the whole
process from the start till now. To add more
here, Kollider has given us the opportunity to
expand our network around Sheffield and
connect us with different programs run by
Barclays Eagle Labs.

Hutmeals Ltd

Abed Eren Jeber (CEO) – I would love to
share my experience with you. I found the
visa process very smooth in my experience
because Kollider provided me with the
guidance, support, and swift responses in
order to get my application sent. The team at
Kollider was amazing and helpful in every
step of the process. I am very grateful. Also,
Kollider provided me with the connections to
get set up, with legal advice, bank advice,
and connected me with people that knew
about my industry.

Plustech Ltd

Steven Cheng (CEO) – I personally think it’s
smooth. It probably only took us 1 month to
get our visa.

Dean Deng (CEO) – The whole visa
endorsement process is really smooth and
Kollider has given us many useful and helpful

Cnergy Fund

Akeem Amusa (CEO) – Going through the
endorsement process with Kollider was
smooth and pretty straightforward. The
contact person from the endorsement team
was prompt and responsive to all my queries
which made it easy down to when the
endorsement was given


We personally Feel Kollider is a great place to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and spend time networking, It helped us meet great individuals, Also the endorsement process is pretty straightforward and would personally Vouch Jasmine for the help given throughout, Her team ensures answers on all queries.

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